*Written by Paul Myrehaug

We had a loss in the family and we're sad to report that Damonde's father Ken Tschritter has passed away. Damonde recorded this episode from the kitchen table of Ken's house in Victoria, British Columbia where he held court for 30 years.

The Tschirtter family has some of the brightest personalities and best senses of humour I've ever had the pleasure of spending time with. In their style this episode is full of laughter, remembering Ken the way he would want to be remembered.  

Here's to you Ken, a tribute to a great man, a proud father and a dear friend.   

Damonde and Paul find themselves face to face in Vancouver.  The boys chat about tetanus shots, surfing on stage, Confederate flags, signing yearbooks and a game of Trending Tschrid. 

This week Damonde and Paul catch up on their crooked teeth, shitty basement kids, spelling, a game of "Trending Tschrid" and a game of "What do you do". 

This week Damonde and Paul catch up on the news down south, hub NHL cities and other random foolishness. Get at us at themicrodosepod@gmail.com with any emails and we'll answer any of your questions on the next episode. 

It's Paul Myrehaug's birthday episode, 38 years old and lost in a three-round golf tournament to Damonde who's 12 years his elder, embarrassing. 

Operation Warp Speed is in full effect. Damonde and Paul gum-flap about Graceland, purchasing gin, and another instalment of the new game "Trending Tschrid". 

The Emergency Podcast Network has been activated. This is NOT a drill, the Emergency Podcast Network has been activated.  

The word is out and the city of Vancouver gigs Damonde and Paul a HUGE round of applause for the start of The Microdose Podcast.  The boys tackle questions from listeners, street gangs and general carry on. 

Episode 21 Damonde and Paul catch up on what's happening in isolation. This week's episode brought to you by Tropicana Tanning Oil (Tschitter's home bathtub mix) 

It's our 20th Episode, and it's 2020 so we decided to celebrate with comparing the lives of Damonde's 20th year and Paul's 20th year on earth. The contrast is hilarious. 

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